Never create a world of pressure around you that will cover-up the real you

Pressure always doesn’t work wonder for us

Pressure always create more trouble for us

Being balanced is not possible always

Being you is also not possible

What is possible is just you

Don’t let the dent of pressure create a hard shell around you

Trust your instincts

You have already set a big example

You have already achieved many things

People admire you and follow you

We may not always see our publicity

We will always see critics around us

Don’t let the inner you be hurt

Thrive your goal and slay it

You are a fighter, not a quitter

Don’t let the pressure be the winner


When in frustration

When you feel bogged down

Don’t change your daily routine

Go for your work out

Tweak it with the good Bollywood cardio

I bet you will feel fresh and new

I bet you will not think negative

I bet you will be new you

You just need the right motivation

You just need the direction

You will smile and smile

You will say by to all baggage


My friend you are crazy

My friend you are nasty

Together we are unstoppable

Its been crazy three years of us

It’s been a good five years of connection

Who says you meet your friends only in childhood

I challenge the saying with confidence and faith

We can meet someone at any phase of our life

We will never know how that person will never be replaceable

You know me well and I know you too

We share the same date of birth but not the month and year

I love you the way you cheer me up and irritate

I don’t have much to say poo

I love you crazy you


What inspired you is not important

What you learn from it is important

How you apply those learnings in your life is important

How you teach and spread a message in society is important

The most important of all this is that you get a new view of life

A new way of living and leading the change near you


When you free your mind

When you live behind all the ties

When your fear of outcomes doesn’t stop you

When you don’t tremble to look back and forth

You are risk-free forever

You will rise every day and at every step

Be the one and teach others

Risk-free life is the way forward

Risk-free us and world will be a great place


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Persistent in your way of living life is an achievement. You will always get people, society, situations that can drive you crazy and sometimes deviate you from your principles. You are an example for the world when you have not changed and have stood strong and persistent in following your beliefs.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, February 9, 2020

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We …

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, February 9, 2020

Rajasthan, a state of royals

Rajasthan, a state of colors

Rajasthan, a place cultural value

Rajasthan, a place of millions of stories

Rajasthan, a place of colorful birds n animals

Rajasthan, a state rich by its name

Rajasthan, a state that I love and adore


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As the day passes by and I look back and think

As the clock struck 7 pm or 7 am

The lazy me pull me back to start my day

The lazy me pull me back to skip my walk

I hear a voice

I hear me calling me

Internal me always have the high energy

Lazy me gives up when she encourages

7 am or 7 pm you will always find me energetic

Internal me makes me strong

Internal me finds always a way to push


Start your Monday chanting OM, Monday blues will be out of your mind. The power of this two-letter word connects your mind, body, and spirit.

It teaches us what looks simple can be complex, and complex can be simple. It’s just our perception that creates a mindset. Chant Om and exhale toxic things and inhale fresh air and peace.


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Looking at the aim the inner me is blooming every day

Looking at the path the inner me is building the car

It’s just been a week and I have been successful to control my craving

Tea is my weakness and snacks are my friends

I aim to bloom as a fitness freak

Today I am happy looking back and forward

Impossible is just a mindset that can be easily fought

Sakat Chauth or Mai Chauth

India is a land of beliefs and a place where we practice many fast and every fast has a story linked to it and beliefs attached to it. One such is Sakat Chauth or Mai Chauth a day to please Lord Ganesha. Even the story is related to the Lord Ganesha son of Goddess Parvati. This fast is perform for the long life of the spouse and the children. This day women of the house prepare sweets made from sesame and jaggrey they offer sesame sweets, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Title and Poem: When the world was struggling in lockdown
When loneliness was taking us down
Sunrise and sunset was the only hope in the lockdown
The chirping of birds and fresh air was a new sound
In this gloomy time, love bloomed for me and cupid landed on earth
My prince had come on the bike to pick me up and take away me from loneliness
His presence added stars and charms to my life
I was struggling yesterday and today I am a happy soul

Incredible Indians

India is a land of fantabulous soul and I was fortunate to come across one such person during my last trip to Ranthambore Rajasthan. He owns a small tea shop near the entrance of Ranthambore national park circle and serves amazing tea and snacks form.

He had helped us and have guided us well that had helped us to save our cost of traveling but most importantly we had enjoyed our trip more as he had given us his bike for exploring the place. He also prepares customized food on order. Request you all to please visit him during your trip.

2020 to 2021

It was a smooth ride to 2020 and then suddenly we shifted from express to passenger train in the first quarter of the year 2020. Shadow of 2019 came haunting us with COVID 19 and left the entire world standstill in strict lockdown from March. What even parents or anyone in so many years was not able to do this virus did. We all were locked inside the four walls of our house and the only blessing we had was a technology that helped us to stay connected with our near and dear ones. Journey in passenger train helped us to value the relationship and spend quality time with family. We all bonded well and created numerous moments while reliving some old. Slowly when we started cherishing this journey we all started moving to local from a passenger train. The local journey helped us to move out a little for our day-to-day needs and we started appreciating this little freedom and we all look forward to our express life. In the last quarter of the year, we not only moved to express but also took an express entry in 2021 with 19 and 20 baggage with an oath to kick them in Hades. Now at the end of the month, I find life is back to normal and I am traveling in Super-express with the only baggage of past that is Mask.


Time is passing by but I am not losing on faith,

Twist and turns are trying to break me down

I am holding strong and not losing on faith

You are showing signs to surrender but I will not bend

You have taught me to fight till the end and I will stick to your advice

It’s time for you to use a magic band and bless us all for long

I don’t know anything else as I love and trust you my lord