Random 2019

Set aside your thoughts and let your brain not work for some time.

Set aside social taboo and let your heart show you your path

Spread the wings that have got an inch of rust as it was bounded by your own doubts

Take a deep breath and smell the fresh fragrance of the air

Take a step forward to fly high and don’t let any thread behind to hold you back

When you are free from all and you can connect with yourself close your eyes for a moment

When you open them look around and you will see everything new

Though everything remains the same and still you see everything as new

Reasons can be plenty but the best is cleaning of all your negativity

Embracing nature and diving into the ocean of positive energy that always surround you

You will always smile and will never see a small bug also troubling you

Live life every second as if you don’t know what’s there in next moment

Live life every second and help people around you to learn how to help themselves

Once you are at self-ease, you can be a saint


2019 First Trip#FirstBlog# Nizam’s City

Hello Bloggers and Readers, Hope you all had the blissful day and we all are in the love week and just seven days away from valentines day. I doubt we can find even a single person on this earth who doesn’t believe in love. Everyone has a different way and understanding of love.

Since childhood, my love for something or other thing has always kept on getting added in my list and I believe it’s a never-ending one. I always had a love for royal city Hyderabad and finally made my dream come true on my birthday last month. Being a nomadic traveler have somehow never planned a proper budget trip and 2019 trip to the royal city finally taught me you can have royal stay even in the budget.

Word Hyderabad is derived from the merger of two words i.e. “Haydar’s” meaning lion and bad means city. We also know this as the capital of Telangana State. This city is situated on the bank of Musi river and was built in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. Some also call this city as a place of Nizams.

One can reach Hyderabad by Train, Bus, and airways. I and my friend decided to date and mode of traveling and we boarded the bus by selecting one which was first available in the evening. Both of us were super excited and we’re looking forward to our another unplanned and first trip of 2019 together. Planning always in not important as sometimes we just always end up running from here to there just to explore all that was decided in advance. The beauty of our trip started first with bus ticket booking that cost 900 per person and posts that searching for a hotel in a prime location of Hyderabad. We booked the Fab hotel in the jubilee hill area at a mouth-watering deal.

As the next day was my birthday we decided to start our trip with Birla Temple visit. We reached the city at 11 am and took an auto rickshaw to reach our hotel, it was 15 minutes ride and after our check-in and rest of some time we stepped out to explore the city. Birla Mandir is a spectacular beauty and from top one can capture the good scenic beauty of the city as the camera is not allowed inside temple premises. One can take a local bus or rickshaw to travel within the city, however, best will be a local bus as its time and cost saving both. After our trip to the temple, we went to Hussain Sagar lake and nearby places in the nearby vicinity as final destination was Taj Falaknuma Palace for dinner.

After our dinner, we booked a cab and went back to our hotel. Next day we started our day by going to Ramoji film city and post that Charminar, Makka Mazid, Begum Bazar. All these places are good for shopping. Lastly, we went to Ikea to end our day after viewing good furniture and home decor ideas. Weather was awesome as it was raining and winter chills one can experience.

On our final day, we went to Nehru National park and ended our trip by boarding bus again. People, food, shopping all will compel you to stay for long. Foodies will cherish the delicacies and shopaholics will love to shop more and more. In short, every individual will share their perspective of the city. One can best experience by visiting an amazing city.



I was dismal knowing the challenge faced by orphanage management to provide basic necessities to kids. What kind of society we are living in? Where some have so much and on the other hand some are empty hand. We have read in many religious books stating it’s all your Karma. I disagree little from this old age saying as for me an infant when born and left or thrown in the dustbin by parents doesn’t know what is in there for him or her in future. Some of us get dismal just be hearing all this and some take initiative to bring a smile on their face. We should keep humanity or humanity should be our only priority to remove dismal from our nearby surroundings.

Sleepless Night

Is it a pain that is not allowing me to sleep or is it questions and thoughts in mind not letting me forget the pain? Dwelling within and fighting on my own, my heart doesn’t know what to do and where to go. It’s never been so hard and has been through worst than this experience. Angels have always been there to help and show me the correct path and if this was wrong why didn’t you warn me earlier. I am crying today and just struggling to hold myself somehow. Simple wish can be painful have realized today and simple desire can take you to many heartbreaks. Sleepless night and it’s just me and my thoughts.