When things go wrong and your mood goes off, Tea does a magical job to cheer you up and brings back your smile. The feeling of freshness always gives a new way of looking at the things and helps to find out what went wrong. When your mind is at ease you can have the patience to wait for the right time.

My experience says right time is a way we convince ourselves and buy some more time for our hopes, or we end up saying you never know. Whenever this thing happens with me my companion always stays by my side. When you can smell from far away that tea is coming that adds excitement to the wait and helps to buy as much time as life want.

Both tea and patience go a long way, even to be master in preparing a good tea you must not be in rush. Overconfidence in tea making also ends up making a bad tea with either a bitter taste or colour. Every small work of our life requires patience and so does the team. As a great team member together they encourage me to conquer my life challenges with a smile whether in day or night.



Let the world know the arrival of a new one

Let the mother find a nest to deliver the new one

Let the new one feel comfortable and get ready to face the world

When the egg is laid and brought into the world its not the end

When the egg laid mother has to incubate it with her body heat

Mother is required to nourish eggs with warmth until the time of maturity

It’s time now for small ones to come out and embrace life

It’s a wonder how tiny chicks come and grow so early

It looks like yesterday they were born and today they are ready to face the world

Time of ripe is small but the lessons of life are big

Incubation is just a way a mothers love is shared

Mothers love that always want to see kids happy and safe

When they fly and start living life by themselves

Like a proud parent, you will see birds smiling from far

Like a proud parent then sing and dance the joy of life

They fly high to rejoice the moment to share with the world


That one


E70A5815-4360-4D77-B3EC-52940ED0BD09Why we always get stuck with that one?

why we always count only on that one?

what is worth of that one in our life?

That one has many name my friend.

that one can be a thought to change your mind

that one can be a friend your whole life depends on

that one can be a family member to change your life

that one can be your enemy to increase anger in you

that one can be your favourite tv show or movie

That one can be love of your life

that one can be your favourite place to hang and travel

that one can be your favourite author or writer

that one can be your favourite star or public fire you admire

that one moment can change your life upside down

That one sums our life in someway or other

That one is fuel to drive our soul and helps to hold on in traffic of life

That one is just you who changes the view of your life using others as tools

that one is just you and your soul that makes you complete

That one just that one!





I envy all of us who are blessed to grow up under the shadow of our grandparents. They are the one who keeps us encouraging and backbone of our families. I am blessed to grow up in a joint family with my cousins and grandparents.

Old age and wrinkle on skin never stop one from living. When a person is young he lives for himself and then for his life partner and then kids. That’s how life goes on and we grow old with freckles on the face and folding and loosening ok skins. Still, the spirit to work and keep on moving never stops when that in return gives you a chance to see the smile on your families faces.

My Grandpa has always lived his life on his principals and his biggest support was my grandma. Well, I will say she was biggest and strongest pillar of our house. She at the age of eighty also was so graceful and pretty that wonder in her youth she would have been beauty queens for many peoples heart. It’s been two years since she left us and still feels like yesterday she was with us. All fond memories of her have a special place in all our cousin’s heart.

Maybe my grandpa is little vulnerable at times because of loneliness that could have been only filled by my grandmother. But what still keeps him going is the hunger to do new things in life and he wishes to see that through his great-grandchildren and grandchildren eyes.

Wrinkles you may come with age and with struggle and ups and downs of life. What you bring along with you is a bundle of memories to cherish with family.




Hello Friends!

Any idea on this caption. Trying Limerick with this word.

Jerry went to station thinking about the destination,

Jerry left wallet home and boarded the train for travel

Jerry was awestruck when he was asked for ticket

Jerry promptly said come with me for travel and I will show you how to buy a ticket




F4E69EF0-34D7-4B10-AD2A-CFF64C068FC3School days are the best days of our lives. As a child, we all were so naive that never understood the intentions of our teachers when compared with our friends was done. The sudden feeling of being behind my friend always use to charge me to work hard or find a way to be better than him. This stimulation was nothing but was a method used by mentors to push us in the right direction.

Today when this word came in daily prompt many thoughts were running behind in mind from last two hours. In today’s time, I might look this word as a negative tool that in corporate world people use to get their work done. It’s always easy to look negative side of everything first, and it always takes double the energy and time to understand the depth of its positivity. When while passing by a park I saw kids playing and pulling each other’s leg took me back to my childhood days.

Wonder and blissful days of my life. I want to thank my mentors at School, college apart from my Parents to make me what I am today. If you all would not have pushed me or provoked me for my good, I would not have come so far as a strong person.

Provoking is good to make you understand that not just your family or friends even enemies ends up bringing the best out of us. Let this stimulation always keep our childhood memories alive to help us take life challenges positively.



When head is heavy and the world seems full of Chaos

When all possibilities of life seem unwanted and worthless

Tarry for a while and let them wait

Tarry and find out what your heart wants

Nothing stays same forever and mould them with time

Trees live for ages and they also expand and some branches fall

Have you ever noticed the wind speed and frequency of their change in direction

Wind also Tarry on for a while and then change

Tarry on and seat for a while

Tarry on and introduce yourself to your soul

Tarry on and start again for good