Birthday Gal

Every year I bear your tantrums more then you

You are not growing old like wine but you are getting childish in many ways

You have no idea what space you hold in my life

You had thoughts of me drifting apart from you multiple times

Me killing your thought royally every tome by proving you wrong

My friend you have no idea your space in my life has increased every time more then inflation and stock market

My space in your life is just like a volatile stock market

Balancing things every now and then makes me irate

One day you may end up pulling me in the sea for an adventurous scuba

I will hold you always strong like a needle and thread

Grow up my gal it’s just ten days for you to grow old by a year

I will throw more tantrums then you trust me if you don’t listen

I will still wish you before your birthday dear

Eleven Years/ Ten days

Eleven years in Mumbai had blessed me with almost everything I have today as a professional and had made me independent

Ten days in Chennai have given me the warmth and comfort of being home

Eleven years Mumbai always kept me on my toes

Ten days in Chennai had given me a break to slow down and relax a little in life

Both these cities have their charm

Both of them have some challenges as well

Nomadic souls like me always find solace while wandering a new place

I am not missing Mumbai, My friends or known one

I have peace somewhere in this new land

Ten days have been good so far and looking forward to the coming days

Small town gal from Jharkhand to West Bengal and from Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu has come a long way

Learning Language has been a challenge, Chennai might end up breaking that stone

Multilingual me it’s time now to add a new feather

Ten days have been just a start and it’s now time to ride the car for long periods of time

Random Thought

God has blessed me to be a flower to leave behind the fragrance of love, care, humanity and a bond that cannot be defined. Whoever has a cross path will always remember me for something or for good. We have strong telepathy and will always be available for each other in life. Like the waves of the sea, we will keep hitting the shore of life as a when destined. Remember the almighty is great and hold our hands at every moment.

Overwhelming DaysAs the days are coming near to parting my waysAs the day is coming near, to start a freshLove and gestures that are coming in bundlesAdding on to the treasures of my lifeI am not getting emotional about changing the routes.I am getting emotional about leaving them behind and starting afresh.When I begin in 2011 my journey, Anyone could have made a fool out of me.Thanks to the Almighty, the blessing of family and friends and, people whom I crossed my path with have guarded and guided me well.I have grown up professionally and personally as a strong person.I stood strong on every parameter and ready to reroute to my new destination.

Divine Call2015 I was looking forward to beginning again in city of Joy2015 I was not knowing that what was in store2015 Mumbai pulled me back from City of Joy in just three days2015 Mumbai welcomed me back with the open armsThis city has made me Independent, strong, overall the Person I am todayNow it’s time to say bye and take a move againSeven years May be being the period to stay here more2022 is the year now to move to South for goodI was single seven years back and now blessed with my spouseIt’s look like divine set all this for usLife has been challenging in last one year with the loss of 3 dear onesLife seems to be moving ahead with the blessing of all anglesNever ever in dream thought of coincidence that we sisters will move together to north and south the way we are as individualsLucky me and lucky her blessed with encouraging and supportive partnersIt’s a destiny call to set things for a better futureIt’s not me just, but it’s a universe call for relocationNomadic me find solace in small thingsNomadic me all set to explore the divine city and New cultureMy open arms and family support and with the divine powerMoving ahead for a better future


My love for you is impetuous and fierce

Your presence makes me strong and independent

When I walk in this narcissistic world only you show me the existence of humanity and

It’s easy to say we are one but that’s not always correct

Individual aspirations at times bridge the gap in our relationship

Our impetuous soul pull us always together

Simple but complicated and crazy idiots society call us

We set always new benchmark to provide them wrong

Our unique and fierce love hold us together just like a leaf and flower together

Impetuous life and our similar nature always lead us to right destination

Calculations and planning never works for us love

What I know work for me and you best is our love and understanding

Just like the seasons we go strong together

Impetuous you and impetuous me looks so cute togethernesses


Having been trying to live with you and without you at the same time is not easy. This helpless feeling of not being able to hear you and not able to see you or touch you are killing and challenging. Deep inside my heart storm comes every day and never finds a shore. You need to be strong, you are moving on and from the outside looks happy is not the fact. Emptiness kills in life like someone has hit hard on a heart with baggage of sadness spread forever. Stay connected with your shadow, stay connected with your reflection paa. My world is empty without you..


When a traveller thirst it travels get huddles like “Omicron”, our thirst drive us to hunt unexplored virgin destinations and we land up discovering something more of a local place. Konkan belt of India is blessed to have multiple virgin beaches and one such place located 260km away from Mumbai named Guhagar. When you need a break from city hustle and bustle this is your go-to place.

Wonderful small town is covered with Mangrove and beaches. This place is also known to sometimes sites Dolphins. We have booked our property “The woods “ which Is located on the seashore that gives you an amazing view both from your room and the outside seating area that has a relaxingon swing.

It’s a serene place with home like food. One can drive down towards the town to visit temples and beaches. We have visited the beach where the waves hits the shore that creates natural fountain and that’s an experience one can do and capture the memory as a take away gift.

It’s a place for couple, friends and family all who just want break from not just daily chores but also need fresh air and organic food. It’s not expensive and two nights three days are the idol stay period. Per person one can have an estimate of 10000 per head that covers up your travel and accommodation cost.

I will recommend this place to all and The Woods for their generous hospitality.


The joy of homecoming is missing as the roots of our family had gone through a big change

Joy of homecoming is missing as the energy that was brought in by their presence is missing

Joy of homecoming is missing as the kick to look forward for family gathering is missing

The one who connecting the dot is smiling above from heaven and other one who had lead the foundation also left after him

At times find myself directions-less as mains of my life are so far that even if I wish that they show me light in the darkness, I can’t reach them

Millions of dreams are tarnished and faded as the zeal is missing

The universe needs to align energies to redirect the angels of my life to me

The universe needs to reconnect us to our roots and guard us always

I know what goes cannot come back but missing telepathy can be rebuild

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Pathsala Movie Song

This song made my day

Aye Khuda

Aye Khuda Mujhko Bata

Tu Rehta Kahan

Kya Tera Pata

Hum To Yahan Pe

Musafir Hai

Jo Dhundhe Apni

Manzil Ka Pata

Aye Khuda Mujhko Bata

Tu Rehta Kahan

Kya Tera Pata~Pata

Hum To Yahan Pe

Musafir Hai

Jo Dhundhe Apni

Manzil Ka Pata

Yaara Teri Yaad Aati Hai

Jaan Meri Jaan Jati Hai

Tanhayion Mein Rehta Hoon

Khud Se Hi Aksar

Yeh Kehta Hoon


Kyun Tune Dil Toda

Kyun Tune Yun Chhoda

Kyun Tera Ab Bhi

Rahe Dil Ko Intezaar


Ummeedo se hara bhara thee jeevan aaj na jaane kyu hein virana

Apno ko lagi najar aisi chor chalein jag ko woh

Ummeedon se hara bhara thaa ghar aaj ho gaya hein virana

Jinki awaj sunkar hota thaa sawera aaj chalein gaya woh yaado ko chor

Ghar ka aagan mein huaa sanata jaha kabhi thaa khusiyo ka basera

Kehtein hein Jeevan ki yeh neet hein kuch aisi

Kehteein hein jeevan ki sachai hein yeh gehri

Hum aayein hein toh jaayenge aur apno ko yadao ka basera de jaayenge

Kabhi kabhi jab yaad aayengi toh dekh lena Aakash ki aur hum saath hogein tumharein

Sanskaro ki virasat se seecha hein jo jeevan aapne humara

Aasan nahi hoga aagein badhna bina aap dono ke

Itni kya jaldi thi jaane ki aap dono ko

Kuch waqt aur bitatein jeevan aapke pyaar ki chatra chaaya mein

Seekha deteein aap Hume agar jeena bina apno ke

Saralta hein har pehlu jeevan ka saajha thaa aap donone nahi saral aaj kuch sab uljha hein kuch aisa

Bawji aur pita ko khona saath nahi socha kabhi

Aaj himmat nahi hein itni

Seechna padega jeevan ka aagan aapke sanskaro se

Sang rehna humesa mere jeevan ki raah mein


Once a fickle mind is now a fervid

Change in a year and a half is uniform

We were parting ways and now we are together

We are hitched and fixed for eternity

Love has bloomed and is expanding its roots

We are nurturing the life with faith

We are moving with the blessings of our angel

Life has changed completely in the past few days

Your presence and support has garnered the strength

Love you my and just my fervid mind


Teras are not always the sign of weakness, sometimes when you are going through multiple huddle and not able to balance things in life. Tears helps you to release the pressure and calms you down and support you to take rational approach towards life.

We say it’s not easy always and today when experiencing the same in my life can just say it’s not easy. Life’s fact is far away from the materialistic things that we get tinged to and keep ourselves away from harsh reality. I was knowing somewhere this day will come one day when you will not be around Papa, but never thought it to be so soon. You have been ideal for me throughout my life and an inspiration for many. It’s overwhelming to know that people you were connected to or even met once in life speak so highly about you. I was blessed to be born as your daughter’s and have got the chance to nurture under your shadow. The blessing that will always stay with me is that I will always have you inside me as I am your part. I will practice all that you have taught me and will always try to make you proud. I have been a difficult child Papa, but you always had that patience to handle me. Be my guiding angel always and forever

Father’s Day

In the last ten days, the strength that you have given me will never be enough

In the last ten days, I cannot express how many times I missed you

In the last ten days, your wisdom has been with me

In the last ten days, or the next ten years or decades I will feel the same emptiness that I felt ten days back

Happy Father’s Day

Rain, Rain, come please come

Rain, Rain, come please come

Come and wash away corona forever

Come and purify the earth

Come and bless us with every drop

Come and save the world

Rain, Rain take away all negative vibes of the world

Rain, Rain, Come and bless us all