Monologue Moment

To keep momentum of life all we need is conviction, someone have who inspires and have been crowned as Miss universe share another inspiring post on insta. She wrote that she has never met any challenge stronger than her conviction and same thought of hers has bought some monologue moments of my running in my mind.

We all aspire or desire to achieve or be something at some point in time in our life, do we actually work for achieving them with hundred per cent conviction? That’s a big question and I am asking the same from my soul. When your mind is plundered with multiple layered of thoughts and you find a way to solve or rather engross yourself into something that heals you or gives you peace. This happens for a while and we try to smile and pretends to be content in what we do. There comes a stage in your life when you are not able to find ways to derive inner satisfaction. Today her thought is ruining in my mind and helping me to fight one by one with all the the monologue thoughts of mine.

Friends it is not the walls around your thought that stops you, it’s not fear deep inside your heart that haunts you. They don’t hold you, they make you realise your potential which you have not even realised that can be your strength and that’s the conviction that one should have to overcome all the monologue of their life.3F583C45-6B01-4E29-9E48-025109B01A6B

Thanks, Maam for being a real inspiration.


Solo Trip in Nilgiri Hills

When life throws obstacles in your life and you find difficult to fight as everyone around you look at you with the suspicious eyes. Don’t give up just hold on and let others wonder. Pick up an activity that eases your soul. I did a few months back and randomly booked tickets to a new destination which was supposed to be a group trip and ended up hurting a friend but helped myself by discovering new outlook.

Me and goof-ups are best friends and that happened with me this trip as well, honestly, I love them as they work as add-on spices for my trips. I landed in the second biggest city of Tamil Nadu after Chennai, know more as a textile hub, yesmy friends you are right it’s Coimbatore. A lovely city that is filled with lively people around and good food and beautiful architecture.

I landed in this city at midnight and went to the hotel for check-in, to my surprise my booking was made for the next day. I was guided well by the manager and shifted to a new hotel and the staff were courteous. I woke up the next day by a phone call from reception stating Ma’am breakfast time is only till ten. I got up and freshen up to go and have food and then again went to sleep. Lazy me how does this sound, I was on break in a unknown city and wanted to just relax, but my travel group buddy asked me to step out and take you’re of the city as I had a plan for next day, honestly, nothing was fixed. I went with the flow and stepped out taking the help of local people and public transport visited some temples and the local market.

Next day early morning I booked a cab for Ooty, most of us know this place as Queen of hills. Early morning at six my driver came and said Ma’am sorry Ac is not working, I said no worries as the weather is chill. Before Ooty Connor comes and that was on the card first. Road journey was an awesome experience as we were crossing deep dense forest and peacock sounds were coming that was soothing my soul. I stopped my car many times to click some beautiful pic and explored a few spots capturing them as memory in my eyes. By the time we reached Connor, it was nine and both me and driver where hungry, we had breakfast at a local restaurant and then headed for the city tour. In three hours covered all tourist spots like Lambs Rock, Sim’a Park and others, what was spectacular here and common was nature scenic beauty and multiple numbers of new plants that we must have hot even know or heard.

My drivers were multitasking my company in trip and photographer and tourist guide. I hired him for three more days both as your guide and driver. After having lunch we started around five for Ooty and in an hours time was in the city. It was season time and you will find tourist At every corner of the city. I booked my hotel on the spot after hunting and visiting all the places a trusted hotel. It was two hours hunt and that ended with a blessing in disguise, I was missing the home food and to my surprise cooks were not locals but people from Kolkata and cooked food like home. After having dinner we retired for the day. In the next two days, we covered all the points of the city.

Organic what we believe is being practised in this scenic beauty, they don’t use Refrigerator as the weather throughout the year is so soothing everything is taken care of. These people don’t even use AC and fan in summers and with this, all of us can imagine how exciting a visit to this place will be. Plan your travel for a stay of good days and just get lost in this mesmerising world and a home away from home.





Wandering or Wondering

Some one said my mind is like a pendulum

I abosrbed those words and started the analysis

Someone read my thoughts and asked to stop evaluating

I absorbed those words and started wondering

God knew I will find out and he twisted the wheel

This twist made a do rock and roll here and there

Today I am wandering every moment of my life

I wonder now thinking why do I wander

Best Friend Wedding

One of the most awaited events of everyone’s life is there’s best friend wedding. Prax marriage was on 29th June and an opportunity to meet other common close friends as well. Destination Lucknow( UP India), I boarded my flight on 28th noon and landed, I was expecting his driver to pick me up and to my surprise      Driver recognised me easily among the lots while talking to him over the phone. It was two and a half n hour till driving from the airport to his home. I was having mixed feelings, excitement to see all and little hesitation to visit home.

Prax was continuously coordinating and when I reached near his place rain started suddenly and I saw someone suddenly entering our car. To my surprise, my friend Gambhir entered and said his typical line when we meet rain comes and it was just five minutes Rain. Post rain stopped we headed towards Prax home via two-lane and met his parents first and then entered the room where he was seating along will others. The sudden pleasant smile came on my face seeing him applying Heena. I was introduced to uncles and cousins and till then was not sure how things will get ahead. I assumed both my friends will stay busy as Gambhir is the right hand of Prax.

Assumptions are bad and I was proved wrong, I made new friends and many relationships added to my list. The good time that started then and will last forever and will not let me overcome same ever. The 29th night we all were awake till 3 in morning and was chit chatting and having fun. Next day we started Barat in evening it was crazy. Gambhir, Both my Brothers, Sister and me we danced like crazy not stopped. There was different joy in this celebration and dance, it was not letting anyone of us stopped. When DJ stopped we have not left with them the choice.

Time was running and it was time for all of us to stay goodbye. It was difficult but we all parted collecting this treasure forever with us. Only your best friend can make all this happen. Love you Buddy and Wish you luck.

Word Prompt:- Introduce

Introduce – Tales from the mind of Kristian

Hello Friends,

Today’s prompt introduces and I want to say every mini second of our life we come across new things or new ways or now people in our everyday life. Last week we had an event and happened to enter into a general discussion with my colleague and requested him to let me know in advance for hosting the event. He was glad and asked why? I said I love interacting with people and hosting an invent will give me an opportunity to introduce myself first before welcoming people and sharing the agenda. He was delighted and said today you gave me a new perspective of being a host, I simply said you introduce this thought by motivating me to become a host by applauding to be the best in the team. A series of conversation led to a various exchange of new thoughts.