The kind of relationship that I admire most after the family is camaraderie. This bond at times surpasses blood relationships. Value this as much as you can.



I was dismal knowing the challenge faced by orphanage management to provide basic necessities to kids. What kind of society we are living in? Where some have so much and on the other hand some are empty hand. We have read in many religious books stating it’s all your Karma. I disagree little from this old age saying as for me an infant when born and left or thrown in the dustbin by parents doesn’t know what is in there for him or her in future. Some of us get dismal just be hearing all this and some take initiative to bring a smile on their face. We should keep humanity or humanity should be our only priority to remove dismal from our nearby surroundings.

Sleepless Night

Is it a pain that is not allowing me to sleep or is it questions and thoughts in mind not letting me forget the pain? Dwelling within and fighting on my own, my heart doesn’t know what to do and where to go. It’s never been so hard and has been through worst than this experience. Angels have always been there to help and show me the correct path and if this was wrong why didn’t you warn me earlier. I am crying today and just struggling to hold myself somehow. Simple wish can be painful have realized today and simple desire can take you to many heartbreaks. Sleepless night and it’s just me and my thoughts.

Tough time

It’s been 48 hours since last text.

It’s been hours since you suddenly vanished

It’s not just heartbreaking, it’s also shocking

I am praying but not able to find answers

It’s time and like always just time that lives behind the chain of questions

What is it in me that always takes away what gives me a hope of love

What is it that I always suffer whomever I trust

What is it God answer my question

It’s not always easy to sail on high tides

It’s not always easy to reach the shore without any accident

It’s time God and tough for you to handle your child

Before this word hope vanish for me forever

Save me from losing hope and faith forever

It’s a tough time for us to choose

For you to test me or shower love

For me to keep on giving a test and wait forever.

Forever is easy for anyone to say, but the truth is forever is never.