Feelings are real ,and they never refrain from overseeing your flaws

Feelings are real, and they always mess with her own life

Feelings are real ,and they never shy away from warning you against your enemies

Feelings are real ,and they are always ready to hold you even when you are not around

Feelings are real ,and they make me smile because of hope they light to be around you forever


Never let your weakness overrule you.

Show empathy to yourself and take time

Nothing can hold you back

It’s only you who can empower your weakness

Let’s reverse the Nature of our emotional outburst

Let’s play a game

Let’s twist the role

Let’s turn the change and bring happiness for you

Just a change of approach will help you win over your subdued emotions


Day 5 of Lockdown has taught me one thing to remember forever in my life. Present/Past/Future all are subject to our positive spirit towards life. We all should adapt to a sportsman spirit in our life to avoid all ambiguity. We will either win or lose but one thing for sure we will learn and grow up with time. I have started valuing all people in my life and I am grateful to each and everyone for crossing paths and creating memories to cherish when we are far away. We might be locked at home but still connected via social media.

Daily Quote:-Persuasion

Light a candle of hope in your heart

Ignite a spirit of positivity in yourself

Wear the makeup of smile on your face

Let the glow of your face embark the environment

Close your eyes and fold your hand and bow your head

Let the universe drive your persuasion everywhere

When you will open your eyes you will see everyone is smiling

When you will open your eyes you will see the victory of persuasion

When you will open your eyes you will see a change

Sea Gull

Sea Gull implies to Freedom, family, adaptation, intelligence, opportunistic, communication and resourcefulness. The word Gull is derived for ”gullible”. With the given challenges we all are in, Sea Gull is an inspiration. Its time to break from shackles of convention and push ourselves and our efforts should be to free ourselves from this mundane. Let’s look at the brighter side and take our world to different heights.