Grandparents are Blessings


Grow old with me and growing up under their shadow is optimal

Smile on our face brighten their day and that moment is priceless

They never miss waking up before us and never go to sleep before us

They live their old days through our growing  days

After struggle of lifelong, it’s their time to relax and take a breath

Wake up with relax mind and goin for long walk with friends and laughing their heart out

Having breakfast with family without looking at time is delight for them

Taking care of grandchildren throughout the day and spoiling them is their joy

Guarding them from parents scolding and  bribing them to buy their smile is trick of life

Bowing down in front of them and seeking their blessing is heaven for us

They make us strong and polish us from their experience

They are star of our family and Pride of our parents

We all are due to them and owe our life to them

They teach us the importance of all relationships and also give tips to take twist when required

I pity those who abundant them and distant them from family

I pity those who living their youth forget that their children’s will grow one day too

I pity them as they ignore the saying what goes around comes around

If ever you see tear falling from their eyes should be due to happiness

If ever that’s not the case, take break and spend time to find out what’s wrong

Time spend with them will be our biggest asset while growing up.

I miss my grandma and adore my grandpa

We are proud to be their fruits of hardwok as they nourished our parents

A big salute to all grandparents on world Poetry day