Sister’s Bond

Friends, how many of us adore our younger sister? Well, to put it correctly let me ask how many of us don’t love or adore our younger sister? Coming from Indian Joint family where I don’t have a real younger sister but blesses to have two first and one-second cousin. It’s a blessing in disguise as they understand you and don’t judge you. They accept you the way you are and confide in you similar way.

I met my second cousin on my impromptu trip to Delhi last week after 9 long years. Guys don’t be amazed its just an irony that we have never visited our hometown same time. We met after almost a decade gap but there was no change. Last four days have recollected many good old memories. Memories of how we used to seat together for ours discussing random things, shopping discussion etc. We ended up always being a partner in crime at various incidence. Best thing is what was then exist today as well and there is no change.

You reminded me of the best days of love and how you were an important part, it was a moment of emotional outburst and at the same time content with where I am today. Love you from the bottom of my heart and will always be there for you just like the star.



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