Feelings can disappear for sometime and we feel we are over it,

Time and new ventures unintentionally becomes our priority and loved one feel we have disappeared

Succsess story takes us to a different height and one failure brings us back to reality, we forget who we are and think that roots have disappear

Troubles comes in life with many obstacles and we start believing good time have disappear

Reality changes our life, thoughts complicate them and our mind is left with no option but to live everything together and stop working

We all surrender ourselves in this situation and work like a slave to our circumstances and give opportunities to someone else to take undue advantage

Almighty does wonder when he finds till what extent we are exploiting our life’s and Day he finds limits is crossed he sends an angel by pulling of the chain

Angel miracles show us light in those dark hours of our lives and we find our lost people & memorioes flashback

What once look disappeared was just hiding below piles of our thoughts

Angel help us to take charge of clearing them step by step and we end up helping ourselves

Don’t let disappearance of a hope or dream or people around you to overrule your life

Let the negativity disappear forever and positivity to spread like virus in our life

Every second of our smiles will add a little more t our and dear one life.

Don’t let your smile disappear ever


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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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