Across the world major religion that is being practised is eight and Majority of them in terms of the ranking is Christianity, Islam, Unaffiliated, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese folk, other and Judaism. If we all will study our all Holy books, we will find all are parallel to each other. Words framed in their own language can be different but the meaning is same. Every religion runs on same parallel lines and humanity is the biggest essence of them all.

If humanity will not exist or will deteriorate the way terrorism is increasing in our world we will find ourselves as an extinct and will be found or studied by some different living species on the different planet. It’s difficult to say we all can unite as one as we all have different perceptions and approach towards life. Can we request each other to share respect and give space without being judgemental?  If we all just share one common topic humanity and preach same to each other by our kind deed, we can see the crimes or terrorism reduced. Do we like to or are we happy to see our religion name used in the name of terrorism by some people who have been influenced by demonic people. We will find them everywhere and they want to destroy us and create there own world.

We have read stories in histories about demons or devils and God. Everything is same now also, just that we are normal people without supernatural powers. We, humans, have created enemies for ourselves by creating technology and creating a social biasedness in society due to racial and many other issues. Our Deeds ate parallel to destiny and our families. Let’s be wise and have a peaceful surrounding.



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