People in our society has time to disrupt others life.  Someone else family issue will become the talks of the town as if they all are getting impacted. Today the entire nation is interrupted by 8year Old child. rape case and her death. Suddenly we all realize and started talking about it and sharing the post on social media. The politician has made this as a political issue and is trying to take advantage of coming elections or to demean the opposition.

Humanity has disrupted somewhere and we all are again back to the same a situation like Nirbhaya. I don’t know why it takes our Indian law system to take strict actions against this criminal who are worse than devils. We calm our Nation Mother, do we really respect? I am feeling Pity for our so-called society where we have guts to applaud and share the victory of some pity things, but we don’t have the courage to stand ahead and set an example that can create havoc in the minds of such people. When such outrageous thoughts come in there mind they should come and surrender themselves to Police.

It’s high time for all of us a nation to come together and fight for justice so that we can create a better tomorrow for our Nation daughters. A Nation which can take pride to say our females are safe and laws are there for them and to support not just in books but with set examples. Let’s not disrupt the economy and government, let just disrupt humanity for the sake of our better future and worry-free life.




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4 thoughts on “Disrupt”

  1. Very well written. I do agree with you.
    Just because political parties wants to utilise this type of heinous crime for the coming election so much havoc is taking place. This time People should stand against all this nonsense and fight for the true justice. And loud voice of the whole nation is needed to bring strict law against such crimes. No more mercy for such criminals. It’s enough now!!

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