Churn Life

Churn as todays prompt what I understand is a change for a better result.

Churn is also a machine use to convert Milk into white butter.


We Indian’s have a little different form and manual way of churning butter and buttermilk out of milk. As a child, I always used to find it quite fascinating and today I respect to one who still blows milk to form butter at home through one old method. There are various easy mixers available in the market to make our life easy, but the taste and quality products through manual efforts are superior.


We offer homemade white butter to our Lord Krishna. We all know butter was his favourite and we have heard notorious stories of his childhood. I’ve all love him and almost every one of us considers him as our idol. He is the best example of churn the way his life was different at every stage. He being God knew what will happen in future, but he also did wonders by taking a right turn over in his life when required.

I met my dear friend today and was quite taken away after seeing him. I will not say much, just it’s the right time to take action and invest our energy and efforts where we will maximise the output. It’s high time that you should buy some time for yourself. Trust me it will be too late, indulge in yourself a little more. Take deep dive and go on a new adventure. Life will stun you with a positive outcome and you may rediscover your hidden desires. Run and chase all that you desire. Live behind a little and let another S person share a little burden for you to fly high again. A little pressure you need to build for a fresh beginning.



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