NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 1 and Daily post:- Explorer

I am a hunter and always have a new thirst

I am a wanderer and always look forward to a new place

I am an explorer who loves to blend hunting and wandering

I am just a human who can be called by various name

I am just a human who loves to relate oneself to our forefathers

I find only one difference today and in past

I find one common connect still existing then and now

Eagerness to thrive and excel in exploring

Eagerness to stretch like rubber to get sweet fruits

The dwelling light is enlightened at present

The present has resources and information

The past was rich but was all depended on experiments

The present is blessed with past experience and new found tools

Exploring oneself, people, nature, world and universe is a vision

We have prepared ourselves well for an excellent future

Published by TravelBug

I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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