Aspirations are always bigger than achievement. Our life has various moments where we always ignore the micro factors and focus on macro points. Even the national goal is of the micro family but the individual is way different. Small small droplets of water form a pool if we get satisfied with small achievements in life we all are going to wealthy for lifelong. We will have stories to share with near and dear ones.

Have you ever focused on ants stories, they are micro creatures on earth? But we can learn a lot from them. They all come out from there homes in summers and collect food and store it for winters. They work in groups and follow discipline and never quarrel with each other. If something goes wrong with one of their group members. They will form another group of selective members who will go to help the person and will carry them till home safely. Rest group members will still continue searching and collecting food for all. They work entire summer without complaint and then rest in winters and enjoy luxury life earned from the hard work.

Small small steps were taken by them collectively had helped them to relish life. Unlikely animals out human desires are big and small achievement never quench our thirst. We focus to drive the picture in a big way, but life throws twist and turns that we end up falling flat and adjust. If we change the adjustment word into acceptance and celebrate small moments we will spread happiness in our environment and will make many people happy. If someone is in trouble and some of us can take a step forward to help them, then we will learn to share pain together. This will set a big example for humanity for all.


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