Our fast city life has swallowed our quality life. Time and money are more important. Morals are left behind and so the value of all relationship. Humanity is just an old word from the dictionary. Quantum of our life is focused and devoted to the so-called status of society.

People from a small town after coming to the city are also forfeiting their principles to grow. Charity associations and various social cause activities are done for fame. I wonder if this the world that we want to give to our future generation. Swallowing our culture and ethics we are advocating malevolence. We are not making ourselves and parents proud but we are inviting many hidden troubles.

The modern world is taking the old age and nature away from us and we fall sick more. Humans are artificial and that day is not far Robots and technology will swallow us completely. Nature is an important element for our existence. We should take a break and think about where we went wrong and how to correct it before it’s too late.

Friends let’s not forget we earn to live not the other way round. Enjoy and embrace nature and what we have then gone behind something that will go away with the time. Spend time with family and friends to remember and cherish. Respect nature so that you get the healthy environment to live.



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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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