World a Foreign Land

EA07702A-62C9-4FE6-8D10-2CC2F80FA039I am born as Indian and rest of the world is a foreign land for me. I was always amazed when people use to say we are foreign return, today I laugh at my kiddish thought. As we grow our thoughts to grow with us, my aim is to explore my own country first which is at present unknown to me. Everything in my life that I have not experienced is foreign to me.

The travel bug has started its exploring trip from last year June and have a long way to go. Travel experience so far has taught me one thing all humans are same as we have the emotional factor common to us. Skin color, language, culture, food can be different but love respect for good humans unite us. When you know one is genuine you take a step forward to help and know them, maybe communication is a challenge? The language of love can be expressed through emotions and gesture.

Many love stories where people from two different world have united as one have been read or heard by us in history. We can find our small world in an unknown land. Many a time even a known people act like unknown. You feel left out and broken among them. That’s the time you learn to judge and trust people.

Our world summarises of known and unknown ones. And the place where we stay has a bigger world outside is completely new to us. The world is a beautiful place just like you as an individual, change the way of looking at the entire world. Nothing will stay foreign ever.


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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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