Blessing in disguise is an old saying. Our society us biased on many social issues that are always neglected. Some people work for the betterment of this causes genuinely, often are not noticed. The deed that they do brings them luck for long.

Friends you all must be thinking what I am trying to share today.  I was thinking about poor kids of the street and was amazed to see the smile. They so content living life on the street and playing with friends in dirty clothes. Materialistic things don’t matter to them.



We all can make out that lovely smile on their faces. Poverty is a challenge for them, but the zeal of living life we should learn. They are strong and rough as they learn the hard way, but the struggle is never seen on their face. They know how to make hurdles invisible as they learn the trick of embracing life. They know they have nothing to lose and if they earn something that will be boon.

I don’t say all are like that, but those who are living them always inspire others who cross paths.  Learning the are of making problems invisible from our life by smiling and never let our moral go down and keep on trying hard.




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