Identical Soul


They say pairs are made in heaven and when the right time comes you will find your soul mate. A person whose soul will be an identical match for you. This saying is common across the globe and we grow up thinking and dreaming and imagining our soul mate.

One question contradict this saying can two individuals cave identical? Everyone came up with their own version of the answer. Some said if two individuals have too many common factors they are an identical match, other person said if another person has those qualities which you don’t have then you guys are identical. Mostly ended up with similar and the best was two people can never be same, what makes them identical is their common factors and places where they fill up each other missing qualities.

Quite impressed and motivated a friend of mine loves to stay in her own world. She desires to have princesses wedding and someone somewhere will cross paths of life and will ask her to marry. Her faith says her that person who will come to her be an identical match. In India, before marriage Kundali match in some caste is compulsory and they say if 32qualities matches between couples they are a perfect match.

What I say on all as imperfection is what gives me a kick and whenever I come across something imperfect, J admire that as that’s an identical match for me. Be a person or materialistic thing. Nothing is identical, every creation is unique and what we have in common is our interest.


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