Let the world know the arrival of a new one

Let the mother find a nest to deliver the new one

Let the new one feel comfortable and get ready to face the world

When the egg is laid and brought into the world its not the end

When the egg laid mother has to incubate it with her body heat

Mother is required to nourish eggs with warmth until the time of maturity

It’s time now for small ones to come out and embrace life

It’s a wonder how tiny chicks come and grow so early

It looks like yesterday they were born and today they are ready to face the world

Time of ripe is small but the lessons of life are big

Incubation is just a way a mothers love is shared

Mothers love that always want to see kids happy and safe

When they fly and start living life by themselves

Like a proud parent, you will see birds smiling from far

Like a proud parent then sing and dance the joy of life

They fly high to rejoice the moment to share with the world



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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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