Have you ever seen anything perfect in this world or heard. Life is full of imperfections with a twist and turns and so is our earth as well. It keeps on rotating and nothing stays for long and what left behind is experience or learnings.

Elders advise to take straight path move ahead in life, reality always brings hurdles and we have to create our own zigzag routes to find our way. It’s not strange and may sound absurd to our elders as it’s different from their ideology.

We cannot carry forward what’s already created or used in the same manner. Evolution is required to survive and beat the present day challenges. Being logical may help some, but being crazy discover intelligent and successful people who teach the world to draw the map anywhere as we desire.

Love what you do and appreciate your skills and draw abstracts pictures to colour others life and mismatch what was considered to be perfect. Creating a new outlook will inspire and encourage the new generation to take risks and achieve what they wish.  A new world will be formed with meander patterns and will shine high.


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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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