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Wish you all lovely ladies Happy Women’s Day. We women’s are blessed with the power to mould ourselves in any situation or every situation, but when things are wrong we stick and hold strong on our foot. Today’s day is not the only day we should celebrate our day, every day should be our day as we come across so many challenges and adhere to them without changing ourselves.

Life cannot be lived like this always, but we should not be submissive or flexible also. The present world is full of selfish people and holding on to out thoughts and being rigid is not bad. Let it go if no one understands or encourage, we should be there for ourselves that’s what is important. The irony of life is it’s not easy to fight or struggle alone, but with blessings of almighty fruits that this fight bear is wonderful.

I pay my tribute to all strong women’s today, who made us proud every day and give us a reason and vision to move ahead.


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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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