I would like to share my gratitude and joy with you all. Life is very strange, a moment of stress turns into a moment of joy in fractions of seconds. When you experienced this not expecting the outcome makes you overwhelmed.

I know my flaws in writing, I love and appreciate when people correct me. I feel happy being acknowledged and that’s give me a kick to keep on writing. Thanks to my Brother-in-law who motivated me last December to start sharing my travel experience. I named myself TravelBug, now I think me a blogging bug as well.

Something that doesn’t cost you much, something that gives you inner peace and satisfaction. It inculcates the spirit of joy and contentment within yourself. Expressing and sharing thoughts with unknowns creates magic. It says future is not far when people will know you as well.

Waiting for time to come and say, hey see that bug. Some will call me travel bug and some will call me blogging bug. I would love to bite everyone around and share the incredible feeling of being a bug.68A87480-0968-4BA6-92A4-16C77889ECA6


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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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