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We all know what does today’s word means “ Branch”. I am proud to share that I am one branch of my family. Family that believes in keeping the bond among the older generations and younger one so strong that third person cannot create differences between us.

I come from a Joint Hindu family and in our family, my Grandfather is the decision maker. Joint Hindu Family still continue to survive in India due to our rich culture. We believe that respecting elders and seeking advice from them will help us make better decisions in Our life’s.

Looking at present Morden outlook it’s difficult for many to carry on with the same due to barriers in the outlook of life. Fortunately blessed to have elders who understand present and think about future mould themselves accordingly without letting our principals affected. Cherishing this and sharing with you all because I know the pros and cons of staying with such big family.

It’s easy to find faults and loopholes, but it’s bliss when you tie all positive notes that make you bloom and hold you strong even in tides.





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