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Most of us must have heard or read about this beautiful town that symbolise universal peace, humanity and unity. It was founded in 1968 by the spiritual leader Mira Alfassa as a town where people from all over the world could live in harmony.

Auroville main attraction is the Matrimandir a futuristic, spherical temple covered in gold discs. The name is derived from Sri. Aurobindo Ghosh, a revolutionary, visionary, philosopher and a sage. There are over 2500 people living in Auroville as permanent members of the community, with many other visitors from across the globe. F8C05181-CD75-4D17-9A37-2658F5D0A2ED

It’s a spiritual community, whose essence is based on the teaching of Sir Aurobindo and his compatriot. Purpose of forming this place was for peace and not to practice any religion. The peace that one can achieve from spirituality or something that can be renewed and expanded and re-examined. People from different places are attracted to this place due to various reasons that can help them to find contentment in simplicity and humility.

Though the purpose of this society was completely not achieved and was affected due to various socialist elements. It depends mainly on volunteers who come and spend time performing various activities.

My personal experience after a short visits says that this is a great initiative for the society. Challenge is that not everyone will support and understand it and different gaps in our society are losing the essence of this. People from all over the world come and stay together for some time and like it, but they too give up after a while with the comfort of present age lifestyle. It’s a good platform to connect, understand and learn so many things and at the same time, it’s challenging too. Once in a lifetime, people should visit and appreciate this and maybe some of us may dedicate our life to spread its message.



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5 thoughts on “Auroville”

  1. “Challenge is that not everyone will support and understand it and different gaps in our society are losing the essence of this”. – rightly said so!


  2. It is indeed a unique place .
    But it is very difficult, if not impossible to grasp the essence of it through a visitor’s walk and watching promo videos.

    On the other hand, is it necessary for everyone to support or understand it?
    But accepting the equal existence of something beyond our norms is the essence that eludes us.

    I sure would love to meditate for awhile in the center chamber, but it was reserved for the enlightened ones…

    Happy trails travel bug!!

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    1. Hi, Thank you for kind words. It’s not necessary for everyone to understand the essence of its existence or to support if. What I find is that’s its more important to understand our own existence. It’s not reserved for enlightening ones, one can visit and enlighten his or her mind with positive aura that flows there. Thanks

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      1. Hi, don’t mean to drag this but I was there. I was only talking about the center chamber that magnificent structure, which is lit by sunlight through an elaborate system to a big crystal.

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