Colourful Spring



Spring season is my favourite after winters. It’s called to be the favourite seasons of Poet. Entire earth looks beautiful with the start of this season as we see colourful flowers blooming and the trees put forth new leaves.

Nature’s charm adds a different spark to our life’s. When we walk in the garden, we are enchanted by the beautiful flowers. Bees are quite busy in this season as we will see them flying from one flower to another. We will see beautiful butterflies around catching the fancy of children’s.

Weather in the spring season is quite delightful and good for health. Soothing and pleasant weather keeps smiles on our faces all through the season.Spring is the season of soothing sounds too. Bees humming in the garden fills our heart with joy. Birds chirping in the morning adds to the pleasant start of the day.

Spring brings a new start and gives us a new outlook on our life. It’s is delightful to see earth wearing a green garment. Yellow mustard flower flutters in the breeze. We are blessed to see the beautiful spring paradise of colour, soulful sound and feel the sweet fragrance in the air.


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