Hello Guys!

I am super excited as waiting to start my first trip of the year to explore Royal Rajasthan. Feeling that I have today cannot be expressed hear in few lines.


When we wait for something and time comes we feel a different energy within. I was waiting for my trip of the year and luckily started with a business trip that gave me chance to meet my old friend after three years. The excitement was high for two reasons first business trip and to add on to it leisure to meet someone dear.

I am all charged to take many short and valuable trips to add on to my travelogue and share with the world. Desire to be known as a solo traveller more then a banker. I am ready to take off every time I find time to balance all and enjoy and cherish every single second of them.

Winds are in favour of my wings and sky is limit.  Looking to meet more wanderer like me to connect and build a channel to help each other and learn new ideas of adventure. Some simple ideas can change the way of planning trip in a better way.

Stay tuned for more.




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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

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