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Parasnath is one of the most prominent Jain Pilgrimage center and highest mountain in Jharkhand. It is also named as Shikharji and they believe out of 24 teachers of Jains, 20 attained Nirvana from here.

Parasnath is located in Isri area of Giridih district and located at distance of approximately forty minutes distance from the main town. This place is a perfect picnic spot for family, that takes care of every one wishes.

Elderly people can visit temples and Can rest in peace in guest houses and Dharamshalas. Young can go for trekking and enjoy in there ways of born fire and all.

I have visited this place twice though being born and bought up in the same district. People from far off places comes to visit this place and enjoy the hill view.

As per me, a must visit place in Jharkhand and a big tourist attraction. The only challenge will be limited food option and no alcohol as it’s a religious place, but irrespective of small challenges people enjoy a lot.


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