solo Traveller

Hi All,

I love travelling and have started to travel alone from last six months more. Quite a late reailisation in life, nothing can be more precious and treasured in future is album of travel memories.

People who have passion to travel and meet new people and explore things, will envy my above said lines. Our country have boundaries for we girls, social limitations to be precise. Society looks at a single female with suspicion and have various perception for them.

Age old taboo that we should not travel alone it’s not safe, just overhyped. Travelling alone is an extraordinary experience and best way to connect yourself. My experience says we don’t need people, we just need to have more trust in ourself.

Life is small Friends, early we start enjoying it bigger will be our life.


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I love to travel and explore the world. It’s fun to work and earn the perk to travel

One thought on “solo Traveller”

  1. Being a solo female traveller is challenging indeed but an enriching experience for life.. all the best gal.. shall hope n pray u go places!!


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